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We believe in creating amazing spaces that people love to live in. We do this by designing each residence from the inside out. We always start with the interior, the heart of the home.

Our designs are sharply neo-industrial and offer the “raw” design features of warehouse living and the exteriors echo the heritage of the local area.

Our real estate buyers tend to be up-market property purchasers who make lifestyle residential choices in terms of location and style. Typically, they are attracted by warehouse living features like high ceilings, exposed timber beams, concrete and steel work, exposed brick, large windows and lots of natural light, large open spaces and the uniqueness and story behind each home we create. They are both owner occupiers and investors.

Re:CONSTRUCTION specialises in creating contemporary warehouse style living apartments & townhouses in the inner suburbs of Melbourne. We convert existing industrial and commercial properties (old factories, warehouses, community halls etc) into unique residences and we create designer residences that offer warehouse style living with the benefits of new construction.

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