Re:CONSTRUCTION has a strong emphasis on sustainability; both in the way we build and also in the eco-friendly nature of running the residential homes we create.

We focus on three areas: materials efficiency, energy efficiency and water efficiency. We also include features such as bicycle storage to support pedal power transport.

Materials Efficiency

Re:CONSTRUCTION employs design principles aligned with the views of architect Carl Elefante, who coined the phrase, “the greenest building is one that is already built”. Reuse of buildings is the ultimate in recycling.

Adaptive reuse, the industry term for what we do, refers to the process of reusing an old building for a purpose other than which it was built or designed for. Demolition and consequent new construction, no matter how energy efficient, typically requires decades to equal the energy savings of rehabilitating an existing building.

Energy Efficiency

Our homes are designed to high standards of energy efficiency. Our goal is to save energy use without sacrificing comfort or design and save you money at the save time.

Water Efficiency

Our homes are designed with water efficiency in mind.

Other features

Other sustainable living features are used throughout our projects such as Bicycle storage to support people using bikes for transport.