Sell my building or convert it into warehouse apartments or townhouses

Are you interested in
converting your
old building?


Do you want to sell your old building? SELL MY BUILDING


Attention owners of old factories, warehouses, hotels, pubs, community halls and other interesting buildings. Partner with Re:CONSTRUCTION and give your building new life.


Do you own an old industrial or commercial property that you would like to develop? You supply the property and we supply our expertise and funds to complete the development.

Maybe you are a baby boomer and you have a building that you have owned for years and leased out or run your business from. You are now thinking of closing your business down, selling or relocating it but the building is your superannuation fund or retirement nest egg.

However, if you want to sell your special building, we also may be interested.

What’s in it for me?

Add massive value to my property

What’s in it for us?

A rewarding project to add to our portfolio

Your Benefits

      • You receive fair value for your property
    • You have a boutique niche developer working to significantly increase the value of your property
    • You have plenty of time to look for another property, if needed
    • You get a significant additional profit from your property by doing very little
    • You retain full ownership of your property throughout the development process

  Your Risks

      • You lose time
    • The town planning application isn’t approved


Our Benefits

      • No up front purchase cost – we don’t need to obtain a bank loan to buy the land while Planning Approval is being sought
    • Planning Approval increases the future property value
    • We have the ability to make a profit by helping you to develop your property

  Our Risks

      • If no Planning Approval is obtained, we lose 10’s of 1000’s of dollars for trying to obtain the approval
    • We have lost months of work
    • We have increased the value of a property that isn’t ours


If you have a building that looks something like this? We’re interested.

What we’re looking for

We seek sites with existing buildings of heritage appeal and character in the inner suburbs of Melbourne, suitable for conversion to distinctive residences which combine historic character with contemporary style. Re:CONSTRUCTION offers partnerships with owners of suitable properties. We have extensive expertise and a proven track-record in property development within the building conversion to residential homes niche market. We are aware that real estate owners are often reluctant to embark upon the complex task of redeveloping their properties for residential use – this involves negotiation with councils, surveyors, architects, builders, contractors and property industry professionals and managing a complex process. To put it simply – you supply the property, and we provide our expertise and funds to complete the development. As part of the development agreement, you retain full ownership of your property throughout all stages of the development process. As partners in the joint venture, we are committed to maximising the potential equity in the undeveloped property to extract maximum value. We invite you to contact us, without obligation.